How do you exactly meditate?

Meditating is something that everyone can do, that's how, take a seat. Find a place to sit that feels calm and quiet for you, set a time limit. Notice when your mind has wandered. Be kind to your wandering mind.

Start at the top of your head. Slowly and deliberately bring your attention to the surface of your skin, inch by inch. See if you can feel your scalp, ears, eyelids, and nose. Continue this way, moving across your face, ears, neck and shoulders, and down to your toes.

A walking meditation is actually a vertical version of mindfulness meditation. To practice this form of meditation, you walk slowly, feeling every sensation in your feet, legs, and body. When you feel your mind wandering, you simply return your attention to the bodily sensations of walking.

Marissa Anwar
Marissa Anwar

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