Which meditation is best for anxiety?

This is an interesting and somewhat complex question. To a certain extent, any form of meditation can provide some help, and in most cases, any meditation is better than no meditation. However, because of the specific way in which different meditation practices impact the brain, mindfulness may be the best option to counteract the impact of chronic stress and anxiety. Also known as diaphragmatic or abdominal breathing, deep abdominal breathing is the basis for most types of meditation.

It is also one of the most accessible meditation techniques for managing anxiety. Abdominal breathing involves the important diaphragm muscle at the bottom of the rib cage, rather than breathing only with the chest (a common habit today). Sitting or lying comfortably, with one hand on your chest and the other under your rib cage, slowly inhale through your nose (stomach lifts) and exhale through your mouth (abdomen relaxes). Step-by-step meditation apps can guide you through the process.

So in this era of heightened anxiety, let all eyes come, restless people and people convinced that every second of every day should be devoted to productivity at all costs. Let's Calm Down With These Anxiety Meditation Apps. Calm is the number two highest rated app in the entire health and fitness category on the iPhone app store. A subscription includes a seemingly endless number of meditations, bedtime stories (bedtime stories for adults) and sounds of nature.

Calm has even been the subject of a clinical study of college students who used the app for eight weeks; the study found that perceived stress was lower in the group that used Calm than in the group that did not. Calm's graphics are different from Headspace cartoon illustrations, more realistic and, depending on your taste, more relaxing. Calming meditations are offered in various speaker voices, including those of some specially vocally gifted celebrities. Insight Timer bills itself as “the largest meditation community in the world,” claiming that tens of millions of people use it daily, that giant group includes the editors of Glamour, who have found it immediately usable and enriching.

Part of that success is probably due to its robust free version, which has 35,000 meditations. The premium version includes full meditation classes. This form of meditation can allow your body to settle in a state of deep rest and relaxation and allow your mind to reach a state of inner peace, without needing to concentrate or strain. A diverse group of teachers lead micromeditations in this aesthetically appealing application, which recommends thematic sessions based on the objectives you enter or allows you to choose.

My mother began meditating decades ago, long before the practice of calming the mind had entered the wider public consciousness. As a form of mindfulness meditation, breath awareness offers many of the same benefits as mindfulness. Aura, with a bright and fluid interface, asks users to share information to customize their experience, and then offers daily meditation sessions led by one of several experts, based on the emotion of that day. For skeptics, listing the benefits of meditation may seem like a vague and unscientific way to respond to the real and pressing human problem of anxiety.

For someone who meditates, the practice offers an opportunity to improve physical well-being and emotional health. The app offers simple silent meditations, a variety of teachers, and a function that allows you to search for meditations by duration. I recommend the books “Buddha's Brain” and “Hardwiring Happiness” for neuroscience to reconfigure the brain to improve mood and reduce stress, using meditation. And if you want to experience face-to-face guided meditation, consider one of Culture Trip's exclusive meditation retreats in Lake Tahoe, Hudson Valley, or Thames Valley in the UK.

Mindfulness apps, such as Headspace, Calm and Insight Timer, offer a variety of expert-led sessions to help reduce anxiety, from body scans to guided sleep meditation, while the Calmer You app focuses exclusively on a complete set of tools to combat anxiety anxiety. If a person stays with it and is willing to experiment with the different methods, they are more likely to discover a style of meditation that suits them. . .

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