How long should i meditate to see results?

In reality, the most practical reason why many feel they can't meditate is that, after a while, they get bored or tired of practicing. You may need a twenty-minute meditation of love and kindness after a discussion with a friend to calm down and try to repair the friendship. There is an important distinction to be made between two types of effects you'll get from your meditation practice. Meditation can be a valuable practice for people of all backgrounds, but knowing how long you should meditate each day can be challenging.

Many don't even consider starting meditation with the excuse that they don't have time to devote to it. Different institutes have presented different ideas about the standard (or ideal) duration of a meditation session. If you live with anxiety, mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is a type of meditation that could help you. Interventions based on the relaxation response (Benson, 197) also often recommend 20-minute meditations.

Therefore, consider making this a consistent habit if your goal is to improve the amount of time you meditate. If you push your meditation practice beyond what is compatible with your level of motivation, you run the risk of becoming discouraged. But will progress in meditation only come if you meditate for longer periods to see some progress? If you learn to incorporate meditation into your daily life when you feel anxious during the workday, you may find it easier to meditate for longer periods of time. Most bona fide meditation teachers say that while a few lucky novices experience benefits very quickly, for the rest of us, meditation must be practiced regularly over time before its beneficial effects can be appreciated.

Traditionally, shámata meditation (a meditation centered on breathing) was and is practiced by monks and nuns in Tibetan monasteries for periods of ten or fifteen minutes. Especially for those who meditate on their own, intense sitting requires a high degree of practice and discipline. It will also help you commit to your meditation practice without creating too much pressure, which helps reduce stress levels, making meditation easier for beginners.

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