When meditation doesn't work?

Don't set expectations about yourself, such as distance, pace, or calories burned. Instead, set a goal for how long you want to walk, and if you choose to shorten or lengthen your walk while you're on it, that's fine. Your intention is simply to make your body move. Try practicing that same breathing pattern, through your nose and mouth, while walking around your neighborhood, park, or on the treadmill.

Put on your headphones and some music where you can get lost and get going. MindOwl Follow 1,182 6,475. MindOwl Follow 1,182 6,475. People often talk about enlightenment when they talk about meditation, but it's really simple and straightforward, he adds. It may help to know that there is no right or wrong when it comes to meditation, adds Alexis Conason, a clinical psychologist based in New York City who specializes in mindfulness.


, which is widely believed to be an antidote to mental health problems, is not always an enjoyable experience for everyone, according to scientists who advocate further research into such practices.

Your approach to developing an effective meditation routine should be guided by your own motivations, problems, intentions and goals. Remember to think about your intentions and goals before each meditation session, and start your meditation journey with short, manageable sessions; the time you can meditate will extend as you continue to meditate. If you only meditate a little each day, and not in a structured way, you may not find a significant benefit beyond what you could get from (for example) listening to relaxing music. On the other hand, if you want to start practicing meditation, I recommend that you do it when you feel more relaxed and calm.

Meditation is often implemented in the context of psychotherapy, where it has shown promising results for people struggling with depression, anxiety disorders, and even substance use disorders. If you've tried meditation and wondered why it didn't work, you might be making mistakes that are derailing your practice. As I mentioned, everyone reacts differently and meditation can have positive benefits for you. When considering what type of meditation to use, when to use it, and how to use it, defining your personal meditation goals can go a long way.

You can't pretend to meditate for the purpose of opening, while secretly hoping that it will make your difficult feelings go away. Meditation is designed to be a daily practice, and consistency is key to producing desirable results, says meditation coach Ben Turshen.

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